top 10 muskoka wedding photographers

I'm Becky!

I'm a lifestyle photographer based out of Barrie, Ontario Canada. I NEVER thought I would be a business owner or working in a creative field (shoutout to my environmental studies and Spanish degree!) and yet here I am! My photography journey started as I watched my family grow. As nieces and nephews started to add up I found myself thinking of my mum's gigantic rubber maid container, almost bursting with old photos of me and my siblings as we grew up. I started my own project of wanting to document my family as it grew and changed. I wanted to start a big photo album so that I can flip through it when I'm old and wrinkly. And now I want to share this project with you! I love taking a candid approach to capturing life's moments. I tend to use prompts instead of poses while I shoot so that I bring out the most genuine reactions and expressions between my clients. I LOVE natural light which is why most of my sessions take place outside. I’m a roll with the punches type of person. 

It starts raining? No problem! Here’s some umbrellas!

Kids not feeling the session? Let’s capture those screaming tears - cause let’s face it, being a kid is hard. 

When life gives you lemons - you know?

top 10 muskoka wedding photographers

A bit about me ...

I'm also a lover of cats (I have 2 - Weenzy & Merlin, aka 'the boys') , a movie nerd, coffee fiend, and I LOVE to travel! I try and live an environmentally conscious lifestyle as much as I can and I love a good thrift store find! If I had the space I would have a shed where I would repurpose old furniture like desks, chairs & small tables for fun.

My friends often hear me before they see (I'm a loud hand talker.) I love a night in with a great board game (Wingspan is my current favourite!) just as much as a patio drink at the pub with great company. I'll listen to any type of music with the exception of country and heavy metal rock - don't hate, they're just not my thing. My editing jams are podcasts, music, or a tv show/ movie on in the background.

What makes us a great fit?

top 10 muskoka wedding photographers

I. You're camera Shy

There's not many people who enjoy getting their photograph taken - me being one of them! This is why I love the documentary approach to storytelling. You likely won't even notice I'm there most of the day, and when it comes time for portraits I'll break out some good prompts to keep you laughing and having fun!



II. You want to have fun and relax on your wedding day



The last thing you want to be is a big ball of stress, and worrying if everything is "pinterest perfect" is a sure way to do that. I'm a pretty relaxed person who prefers rolling with whatever the day brings - so sit back, and let loose with your guests!


III. You want to make this day your own


Your wedding is about you and should reflect who you are! I love when people bring their own unique touches to their wedding! Throw tradition out the window and go with your gut to celebrate in a way that aligns with your personalities and values!


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