Documentary Photography for the Unscripted and Authentic

I take a candid style approach to photography by using prompts instead of poses to to keep you focused on each other rather than me and the camera. This brings out the best emotional and authentically real images that you'll connect with and love!

Whether it's the day you marry your best friend, or the snippets of everyday life with your family - let's create some memories!

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Connection + Emotion

Oh hey!

It's me, Becky! The one behind the lens documenting all the moments you see here! As a nostalgic person, I'm constantly amazed at the power photographs have to transport you back to a place or time and hit you right in the feels.

Moments of connection and emotion are what I'm looking for!

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“I cannot recommend Becky highly enough! She was so fun and easy to work with, she really helped my fiance and me relax in front of the camera, which really translated into our photos. I look forward to working with her again!”

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