An intimate fall wedding in Erin, Ontario

People that know me know that I'm not a cryer (except when I watch Toy Story 3, or UP - gets me EVERY TIME!) but this one had me close. I've known the bride, J, since childhood and when she said that her and C were going to have their wedding at her parents house I got hit with all the feels! J is actually the big sister of my best friend that I met all the way back in kindergarden so I basically lived at this house during the summers when I was a kid! From the second I arrived, I felt the nostalgia hit me HARD.

It was a chilly October day but the fall colors made for a perfect backdrop. Bonus points that the overcast skies had a beautiful dramatic and moodiness to them.

When J came out absolutely GLOWING in her dress, I couldn't stop smiling. Everything about the dress screamed her name. It was so perfect in its simplicity and elegance, I couldn't imagine a more perfect dress.

Knowing C is fellow professional photographer was, to be honest, a little scary at first. When another photographer asks you to photograph their wedding I'd be lying if I said I felt no pressure. But after a few chats with C+J, I got to know them a little better and loved how relaxed they both were which quickly set my anxiety at ease. This wedding was FILLED with hurdles that they constantly had to navigate to make it to their big day and I was blown away with how easy going and flexible they were in the face of so much uncertainty.

To C+J: Thank you SO MUCH for having me document your beautiful day! From start to finish, it was like I was part of the family - I just happened to have a camera with me.

P.S - Shoutout to B, my beautiful bestie of almost 25 years killin' it as MOH!